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Your Carpet Might Be Wrinkling Due To These Reasons

Certain carpet installers are still using the old technique of knee kicker. It might feel like an avoidable mistake but it is quite common for a carpet to have wrinkles due to poor installation. The old fashioned knee kicker approach doesn’t follow the carpet manufacturer’s specs. Carpet needs to be properly stretched during installation otherwise it gets loosened from the nails to develop ripples and wrinkles later on.

Wrinkling and buckling are caused by humidity and excessive heat majorly. Excessive temperatures affect the carpets thus carpet manufacturers give strict guidelines regarding it. A very hot or too cold room can change the way the carpet looks, sticks on the ground and its longevity. Rooms with moderate temperature are recommended.

In fact, according to, steer clear of using the steam carpet on the carpet. Many owners use it without the understanding that the machine can damage the carpet if it isn’t dried properly. With a steam machine you are actually forcing wetness into the carpet. If the moisture stays long and doesn’t dry and you end up closing the room or the temperature is humid the carpet will end up buckling.

If there is flooding or unseen moisture beneath the carpet due to an unsealed concrete floor or certain leakage, then the carpet will separate from the backing. Old or new, any carpet can face the moisture issue. You have to make sure the temperature of the room is accurate and there are no leakages so that the carpet remains dry and away from moisture.

Invest in a good quality carpet with knowledgeable carpet installers installing it in your home to make sure you always are in the right hands and have all the instructions of how to maintain the carpet in your house. Carpets make the house look beautiful, it shouldn’t become your headache for no reason.

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