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Cyberattack Is Currently The Fastest Growing Crime Worldwide

Cyber attacks lead to exposure of personal information and/ or business operations at any point of time destroying your work and reputation in minutes. The attacks have become more sophisticated with time leading organizations to create awareness regarding the cyber threats and create a strong web to control the cyber criminals.

Organizations are losing billions of dollars

Currently, the cyberattacks are considered the fastest growing crime in all nations. Organizations of every kind are going through losses due to security deficiencies. Data states that the cybercrime losses exceed the total losses suffered from the global trade of all illegal drugs.

Data breaches and hacking are causing loads of losses to businesses world wide. Other than the financial losses people are at risk of reputation loss. Businesses need to have strict regulations to avoid costly settlements. Learn more about how you can strengthen the cyber security of your business by taking part in cybersecurity awareness challenge of 2022.

Making the users aware

It is important for businesses and organizations to take vital steps to strengthen the cyber world from threats as the attacks become more sophisticated and aggressive. The awareness of the employees and people in general is important to prevent costly identity theft and network hacks. Implementation of firewalls and IT protocols is vital as experts say 80% of data breaches can easily be prevented by practicing cyber hygiene.

Phishing Attacks

Currently the most general security threat to the IT sector, Phishing attacks happen mostly due to employees falling victim to phishing emails. The cyber criminals have made the attacks more sophisticated than before.

They are using advanced methods to create well-executed business email compromise attacks (BEC), phishing emails and malicious URLs.

In the corona world, the phishing attacks are now highly localized, personalized, and geo-targeted with the health sector being more exposed to them yet failing to combat cyber threats. Hospitals and health organizations are now investing more in cybersecurity.

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