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‘Another Star’ All Ready To Be Released

The fans of Earthquake Lights are supremely excited as ‘Another Star’, the new single, is releasing in July. Fans are waiting with bated breath for July 7th when the single is announced to be released. The band Earthquake Lights has crazy fans who are really excited about their upcoming single.

Brooklyn-based band Earthquake Lights has had a stellar year so far. They have gathered new fans who have fallen in love with their creations. Their work has been streamed millions of times. Their music is rising in charts. The fans have been increasing day by day.

Since the announcement the social media account of the band has been massively loaded with fans commenting and demanding the new single to release sooner than the release date. They are demanding more and a new single to be released soon with a lot of love. They cannot wait to listen to what their terrific, favorite has created this time.

The band left a cryptic message regarding the release of their new single on social media which made the fans so crazy and created a big hype about the release. Their social media platforms have been bombarded with questions about the new single.

The band’s supporters around the world have been waiting for the single as they are now habituated to getting great music from the band every 6 weeks to 2 months this year. The time is right and the fans need their new music now! The fans have been a bit upset about the band being not nominated for any award ceremonies or mainstream music function. This new release will bring satisfaction to them on some level.

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