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Team exists today because of all our contributors. All the success we have received and will receive in the future can be attributed to these people.

Arvinder Singh (Founder)

Arvinder laid the foundational stone for and recruited 4 talented journalists to help create the future of Indian news. He himself contributes to the website regularly and is very active in promoting the website as well.

 Sachin Patel (Contributor, Editor)

Sachin is a very passionate journalist who would go the distance to get all the facts about any piece of news. He loves following sporting events all around the world and he has excellent knowledge of India and its current political scenario.

Supreet Kaur (Contributor)

Supreet speaks 3 Languages and has lived in 4 Countries. She is our finest journalist who does all she can to fetch complete facts around a story before reporting it. She has a special curiosity for the latest events in the Scientific world.

Rishab Mishra (Contributor)

Rishab is one of our newest team members. He has a very unique perspective about the events happening around the globe. He empowers all his readers with factual reporting and analysis of news pieces from all around the world.

 Tushar Arora (Contributor)

Tushar has been a part of our team since we started He is a Quick learner and Passionate write, and his contributions to our news portal are priceless. He loves reporting all the latest happenings in the world of technology.