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About Us

North India Daily is an online news website where we serve news in a very simple and understandable fashion. The news is meant for general public, which means usage of accurate data and simple language is mandatory.

Why we started North India Daily?

Initially, we intended to focus on the news catering to the North of India. But with time, we extended our news agency goals to bring forward information from the rest of the world as well. We believe in sharing news that holds the power to alter the course of events. And for that, we aim on bringing unbiased information to the people, taking care of the ethical journalistic standards. So rest assured, people will get access to the authentic news reporting from all over the world.

How was North India Daily Formed?

After finalizing on the idea of a news agency, the CEO began hunting for the best team for putting forth the news. For that, we started looking out for people who have great writing skills and can hunt news from different corners. After gathering the team, we set on the mission of bringing forth what you see today.

Our Goal

Our goal is to maintain the name “North India Daily” and all its content as the illustrator of news pieces at its best. You will find the best of news from all horizons here on this website.