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Tristan Thompson’s Baby Mama, Jordan Craig, Invites Trouble for Appealing Ladies to be Classy

Jordan Craig has landed in trouble after her stunning photo shoot in Paris, France at the beautiful Palace of Versailles. When she tried to show her assets during the photoshoot season, one of her captures received criticism from critics. It is not for the first time that she has entered trouble as her name is constantly being thrown in controversies involving Tristan Thompson and his ex, Khloe Kardashian.

In her statement, Jordan expressed that she is classy and many of her critics want to destroy Tristan and Khloe in court documents. Giving the reason for it, she said that $40,000 is not sufficient for her extravagant lifestyle. Further, the petite model revealed that class is not just limited to looks, being stylish and confident. She said that traits such as kindness, respectfulness, and politeness contribute to making someone a classy person.

After Tristan Thompson’s Baby Mama, Jordan Craig, lands in trouble, people started commenting on this issue. One of the critics of Jordan Craig said that she is not able to deal with drama in her life and she doesn’t look classy in the court documents but for sure she is gorgeous. Another person defended her by saying that it is a foolish act to blame the woman as the man is equally involved in every action with the woman. The fan wrote that there need to be more people like Jordan in this world.

A source said that Khloe always asked Tristan to remain close with his son Prince and used to interrogate about Prince’s life. In addition to this, she always questioned about Tristan’s activities with Jordan.

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