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PIXXTASY’s NFT Collection Launching Very Soon! Sign Up For The Whitelist Now!

PIXXTASY is an innovative project that combines cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to fund anti-drug organizations. It is the brainchild of Zoltán Egri, a man who overcame two year drug addiction himself, and since became an anti drugs advocate. His dedication has helped create this revolutionary idea in our society today!

The world is a mess, and Zoltán knows it. He’s been through his own battles with drugs – but now he fights for those who want to recover from addiction. His passion with cryptocurrencies formed this project in order to help fund rehabilitation programs across America by selling NFTs (non fungible tokens).

The first tagline of the PIXXTASY project which reads “Don’t Use. Just Own It”, advocates against illegal substances while also providing resources for those seeking treatment or advice on how they can get clean instead of using monetary value garnered from owning these tokens. The second main motto states simply to “Be A Healer”, thus tackling both problems associated with drug abuse. 

The NFT Collection of this project will be launching very soon. But right now, on August 31, a whitelist for the same will be launched. Anyone who wishes to purchase PIXXTASY NFTs can sign up for this whitelist. The lucky ones who get selected will get a chance to own one of the premium NFTs of this project. 

These NFTs are limited edition, hand drawn by a professional artist, thus making them more valuable and more desirable. The artist has designed the Project’s NFTs to look like current pop culture icons, such as Hello Kitty and Bitcoin.

The reason for this design is that real drugs often take on the shape of these famous figures, allowing them to raise awareness about what illegal substances may be lurking inside unknown packages due to their identifying features being similar or identical with those found in popular culture. 

The NFT funds of PIXXTASY will allow charities to work with increased vigor and reach. PIXXTASY will be donating $1M of the profits from these sales, based on how often they occur. 

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