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Musician Travis Shyn’s Next Single “Be in your Dreams” Would be an Extraordinary Work of Art

On July 15th, music artist Travis Shyn will be releasing his new single, Be In Your Dreams. His last single, Quicksilver, was the First Asian made single in the World to Chart on Digital Radio Tracker. Following the release of his new single the artist will be going for a nationwide tour. The details of the same will be available on his social media sites soon.

The artist born on the streets of South Korea has emerged from all the chaos his life brought him to become the artist he is today. For Travis Shyn music is a form of self expression. He is now based in Washington DC as he was adopted by a Korean American family as a kid. He explored his music as destiny gave him new life. Music became his companion and today he is sharing with the world all that he has to offer.

The artist has been independently able to carve a niche for himself after getting inspired from the music legends like Post Malone, Micheal Jackson, and many others. Travis Shyn has been able to develop his own sound which is a blend of hip hop and pop music beautifully. With every release he is presenting his deep understanding of life and wants the listeners to develop positivity and hope in their lives.

 With every single, the music artist pours his heart and soul out through the music. His life experiences have been channeled into his work. He makes sure each of his singles is produced to perfection. He has come a long way from his childhood and wants people who are down on their luck to take inspiration and hope from his life which he expresses through his music. He is using the powerful tool of music to express himself and reach out to people to spread positivity.

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