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Music Artist Donny Drippin’s Latest Album, “My Year”, Is A Great Hit Among Listeners

On Jan 1st of this year, the singer and artist Donny Drippin released his first and latest album, “My Year”. In just 2 months, this album has gained worldwide attention from music lovers.

My Year is a collection of 11 songs, as listed below:

  • Sheldon
  • For the Haters
  • Next Up
  • Get Me a Wood
  • Dummy Flow (feat. Booka)
  • Fytb (feat. Booka)
  • My Year
  • Dangerous
  • Ole Girl
  • Casket
  • The Greatest

All of the songs as mentioned above have received good reviews from the listeners and everyone is excitedly looking forward to listen to some more singles and albums from this talented artist.

As of late, Donny Drippin has been thriving in this music industry, all thanks to his unbeatable talent. It would be exciting to wait and watch wha this powerful upcoming musician has in store for his listeners.

Donny Drippin is also reachable on his Instagram account. Connect with him and keep following him to stay updated with his latest projects.

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