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Jessica Banks Hints At A Sequel To When The Tables Turn

Actor and writer Jessica Banks has announced via her social media that a sequel to her film might be coming soon. This is in regard to her latest film When The Tables Turn. The film is well received by the audience and the makers are soon going to bring out part two of the same. Interestingly, her character in the film is also named Banks.

Jessica started her own Production company called DavisBanks Productions. And she herself wrote and produced “When The Tables Turn” which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. When The Tables Turn is directed by Allen Batty and is written by Jessica Banks.

As shared by the popular celebrity, part 2 to this movie will be coming soon along with more new projects for people to enjoy. Jessica has had an interesting journey into the film industry. She was born in Jamaica, Queens and was interested in music.

In fact Jessica is also a DJ. She became keen in acting early on and also has been quite an advocate about LGBTQ rights. Her instagram handle is flooded with fans pouring love about her work. Her previous acting work includes parts in several shows.

She was seen in The Last OG in the 1st season. Her character appears in episode nine of its first season. Her journey into acting started from theater at high school. It started with petty parts on stage. She even did minor parts in Law and Order. But now her talent is also getting recognised and Jessica is getting bigger and better parts. Jessica is enjoying this phase of meatier parts.

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