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Chinese Lunar Lander finds Lunar Nights “Colder than Expected”

China’s Chang’e 4 has issued another update from its stay on the moon. It revealed the experience it had during a fortnight on the dark side of the moon. Chinese rover has found that the temperature on the dark side of the moon is colder than the expectations. The soft landing on the moon took place on January 3 and it is a big step from China for its ambition to become a superpower.

Chinese rover became active after taking a nap of two-weeks and made a statement regarding the low-temperature on its surface. The researchers admitted that while the recording the temperature was decreased to minus 190 degrees Celsius (-310 degrees Fahrenheit) during the probe’s first lunar night. China National Space Administration said the temperature was “colder than scientists expected”.

Earlier, the US mission had also recorded the temperature to the near side of the moon. But it was not that cold as is now measured by China’s rover on the back side of the moon. Zhang He, the executive director on the Chinese mission told Xinhua news that it is may be due to the difference in lunar soil composition between the two sides of the moon.

Also, a rover named Yutu-2 also released after the moon goddess’s pet resumed operations and it would perform experiments in the Von Karman Crater. The special attention has been given for the instruments which are to be used in this operation. All the instruments have been developed by Sweden, Germany, and China. The works it has to complete on the moon are studying the lunar environment, cosmic radiation, and the interaction between solar wind and the moon’s surface.

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