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Arizona’s Wizard Rock Mysteriously Goes Missing and Returns

The landmark rock called as the wizard rock in the Prescott National Forest went missing two weeks ago. This beautiful boulder weighs one ton, and is a black boulder with white quartz running through it. Two weeks earlier the rock went missing from its position along Highway 89 in Prescott, suddenly. And the authorities were concerned about the incident. It disappeared or completely vanished and nobody had any clue where it was.

But the boulder returned to its place this Friday. The authorities are happy and relieved that the rock was returned to its place. Sarah Clawson, who is a ranger for Prescott National Forest’s Bradshaw Ranger District, said in a statement to Arizona Republic that she was happy. She said that the authorities are relieved that whoever took the boulder found it best to return the rock to its place.

The circumstances under which the rock vanished was suspicious. And it was believed someone used “heavy equipment” to remove the boulder. When the boulder disappeared, it sparked a nationwide media outrage. Many news  channels speculated about how the big rock vanished. And many people had various theories.

Now that the rock is home, authorities are stricter than ever. They reminded the citizens that people with permits can only remove  plants, rocks and natural elements from their natural setting.

After its return, the landmark stone has become a popular tourist spot. People flock there to take selfies. It has become quite the mysterious tourist spot.

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