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Cancer Causing Novel Pathogens Found in Beef and Cow’s Milk

Researchers  in Germany suggest that according to research, cow’s milk, beef and products that contain cow’s milk may have microbes or pathogens that can lead to inflammation and even cancer, as per scientists at the German Cancer Research Centre. They did not comment which type of cancer can be caused, but it can lead to cancer.

The research is still at a preliminary stage and more work needs to be done. It has also suggested that most effected by the negative effects of cow’s milk are infants that consume cow’s milk before the age of One.

The researchers also suggest that BMMF is a potential cancer risk although other Scientists have refused to approve this school of thought as they believe that more research is still needed in order to confirm this.

There is already firm reasons to believe that too much consumption of  Red meat can cause colon cancer. The consumption of cow’s milk and its ill effects are something that is still being discussed and researched but scientists believe that they are close enough to an answer.

According to Labroots, it has been suggested  that “The BMMF pathogens have similarities to both viruses, which need a host and the machinery in host cells to survive, and bacteria, which have the biological tools to survive on their own. The DKFZ researchers suggested that they are a new type of pathogen, and have classified BMMFs as ‘plasmidomes””.

It will take a couple of years to have a clearer picture regarding the link between cow’s milk and cancer.

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