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5 Future Trends for Future Marketing

With the advancement of technology in the industry, there are rapid changing trends of marketing as well.  Different companies are focusing on latest marketing tactics to cope up with the competitive era but the video production company Dubai is taking it to another great level. Here is how you can check out the five future trends in marketing.

  1. No 4Ps, Get to 4Es now

It is always taught that 4Ps are essential in marketing term but forget about it. The new tech arena is welcoming 4Es that are whole approach to brand and customer value. These 4Es are Engagement, Experience, Exclusivity and Emotion. In the digital world, taking care of these 4Es are as essential to get penetration in the market.

  1. Success through Video content marketing

The audience always looks for something interesting and instead of written blogs, they prefer visual content. It is observed that companies exploring the video content marketing are getting towards success in less span of time.

  1. Mobile communications are new way in marketing

We all are aware of the social media marketing but mobile communications are not far behind. There are linkage of Facebook and Whatsapp that targets audience based on their interest, discussion and searching. Companies are communicating about their brands via mobiles.

  1. Penetration through Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the center of attraction for most of the brands. But ultimately there are bundles of advancements that are shaping the future trends in marketing field. Either it’s about live videos to call to actions; all features are bringing new opportunities for the businesses.

  1. Understand customers via Artificial intelligence

The new aspect that is playing vital role in marketing of products is artificial intelligence. Different brands are exploring the aspects of Artificial intelligence to understand their consumers’ minds and requirements. This latest tactic in marketing has brought a great revolution in the industry.

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