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How will Corona Affect Online Gambling?

The world has been brought to a halt by the corona virus outbreak. The corona virus (Afterwards called Covid-19), started in China and has since affected nearly half-a-million people globally with scores already dead. Consequently, the world is under an imminent threat of suffering the same fate as the 2008 global economic recession. From travels to sports, to politics, to conferences, to religious and social events, all have been suspended in most countries.

The airborne virus is also affecting all other sectors, not entirely based on physical contacts, such as online gambling. Online gambling, the art of staking real money on sports and casino games, has been under threat of the Covid-19.

On the surface, one might not really see the effect of the Covid-19 on online gambling, because it’s online-based. However, a more meticulous study of the circumstances surrounding the virus reveals its impact on the online gambling landscape.

In this article, we shall be looking at the various ways in which the Covid-19 affects online gambling, which include.

Delayed payouts

Online gambling websites have different payment and withdrawal methods, which take different hours or days in some cases, to complete. An withdrawal often needs to be manually approved by an authorized payment specialist, which could be affected due to the many laws and recommendation around social distancing and working from home.

The payment and withdrawal methods include PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, PaySafe, Direct Bank Transfer, EcoPayz, amongst others, and differ in operation and scope. With the outbreak still ravaging the online gambling industry, and with most works being done remotely, payouts could be slower.

Reduced desktop performance

Most online casinos and sports betting sites will have mandated their staff to self-isolate and work from home. This might lead to reduced functions on their websites, as there may not be the usual push required for optimum performance. This could end up causing a significant reduction in the number of players at some online casinos.

Poor or no phone calls as part of customer support services

Some online gambling companies have decided to let their staff to work remotely from home. With this in mind, having a phone call with a customer care representative could be limited.

As a matter of fact, some online gambling websites have even removed the call-in feature from their list of customer support services.

Every online gambling site should have a call-in feature, considering that players’ have different preferences regarding customer support methods. Unfortunately, this important feature has in some cases been cut short by the outbreak of Covid-19.

Low patronage

The global panic accompanying the Covid-19 has caused most people to fully cast their focus on practicing improved health practices, social distancing and staying away from crowded areas. This will have a negative effect on the economy and people will therefore need to think twice on what they spend their money on. This will indirectly affect players behavior on the online casino.

Our standpoint

The Covid-19 virus has unleashed devastation, panic, and stark plunge of all essentials products and services the world over. The online gambling landscape is not left out in these times of global negativity, as the industry is already being affected. Thus, it is expected that online gambling websites will work assiduously to combat these negatives effects as much as possible. And also ensure optimum performance of their staff as they work from home.

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