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Can Online Gaming Boost your Productivity?

The popularity and diversity of online gaming have witnessed a paradigm shift with the evolving technology in recent years. However, its pros and cons are much debated and controversial topics even today. Oftentimes, people don’t consider the benefits of online gaming and misinterpret it as a waste of time and energy, insisting gamers to quit and do something ‘productive’.

Contrary to this popular belief system, online gaming surprisingly has multifold benefits for your day-to-day tasks. Online casino games and other arcade games improve memory and logical reasoning, while games like Dota, Teamfight Tactics, and other virtual battlefields improve cognitive flexibility, concentration, and hand-eye coordination.

Online gaming adds value to your mental and physical health in one way or the other. What seems like a lazy-time to most people actually aids in improved skills and productivity.

Hermant at has delved into the details and found out if online gaming can really make you all that productive!

Focus and Attention

You would think that gamers sit and day-dream about guns and skins all the time- or something. Gaming seems to be one of those activities that would make a person sloppy and distracted. Well, that’s anything but the truth. Studies have proven that people who indulge in online gaming moderately have better focus and attention than non-gamers.

Online gaming requires constant attention to detail with accuracy. It requires remembering specifications and adaptation. This leads gamers to inculcate the same skills in themselves and use it to increase productivity in their daily life.

Processing Speed

Online gaming is fast. You miss one moment and you lose the game. Obviously, a gamer develops a fast speed in processing information and coming to a conclusion, improving it rapidly throughout the course of each game. This ultimately adds up as a life-skill.

It is a common phenomenon that decisions made in haste are not well-thought. However, this is not the case with gamers. Online games don’t have any space for mistakes. The decision needs to be quick and accurate. This skill, in terms of your behavior, allows you to process information much faster and make decisions without compromising on accuracy. It helps in making every day-to-day task faster and more efficient.

Sharper Memory

People say women have a sharp memory. Did you know gamers can have it sharper than others?

Online casino games, online poker, rummy, and other arcade games help the players to hone their memories and sharpen it in the course of the game. In real life, when these gamers need to juggle multiple tasks and remember them all, they can do it smoothly without any fuss!

Stress Relief

Irrespective of the tasks you do in a day, you need to break the monotony of routine life and do something refreshing to recharge your brain. Online gaming is one such instant rehab for your mind.

Online games are entertaining and competitive. It helps you stay active while enjoying yourself. Your attention and interest in the game will lead to the release of happy hormones in your body which will help you bust the stress and calm you down.

A fun and exciting game with your friends or the online community can help you refresh your mind and take up new tasks with new energy and agility.


Teamwork is an essential part of one’s daily life. You need to coordinate with multiple people throughout the day, sometimes even lead a team. Studies have proved that online gamers are far better in maintaining a team and streamlining coordination than non-gamers.

Many online games call for ‘squads’ or teams for matches. Winning such games require prompt coordination with the team. The team members consistently require improvising the set tactics and adapt to them for defeating other players. Such teamwork skills come in handy in real life while carrying out regular tasks, making a gamer the best team player.

Conclusively, online gaming is a perfect source to inculcate and hone life-skills while having fun. In moderation, such gaming can be great to improve cognitive skills, social skills, mental health, physical health, and contribute to your overall well-being.

In this modern-age hustle and bustle, online gaming is like a breath of fresh air for people, cutting them off from their mundane schedule and having a little self-time.

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