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SMASHIT LIVE: First blockchain supported social streaming application

The ever-expanding social media universe has become home to several applications that offer a pool of opportunities to the tech-savvy, entertainment lovers. Another recent addition in this cosmos is SMASHIT LIVE, an Indian video creating, sharing, and discovering application, created by Chakravuyha Software Technology. SMASHIT LIVE app is transforming the short video space as the world’s first social streaming application to use blockchain technology which makes it unique and technologically advanced than any other available video application. 

SMASHIT LIVE is disrupting the streaming market with blockchain technology and is revolutionary in a number of ways. It aims at providing seamless streaming experience by integrating blockchain-based technology to offer the highest standard for user security. SMASHIT LIVE ecosystem thinking as mobile first and prioritized introducing new features while not sacrificing on the security and control Gen-Z users. They have created a buzz in the market and completed a rollout of the decentralized steaming application that can swiftly take over other existing streaming applications that are looking forward to fill the vacuum created due to TikTok exit.

The application is created in partnership with Australia based Ventures PTY, is all set to make a smashing debut in the social media realm. Now the very first question that pops in our minds is why choose SMASHIT LIVE over others? Well, to cover that query, it’s simple really, SMASHIT offers a seamless experience that is infused with tons of features and an opportunity to capitalize on one’s creations. The highlighting feature of this application is that it allows users to earn money by creating content and even browsing!  

SMASHIT’s user interface creates a space for the users that is easy to navigate with many features that make this application stand out from the masses. This software-based on user information even recommends personalized options that make the experience enjoyable. SMASHIT is a multilingual application that offers a user-friendly interface along with the added facility of five zones that make the video-making experience gleeful. These zones namely SMASH, FLICK, LIVE STREAMING, and PLAYLITE are passed through functional, usability and conceptual testing are designed to transform and revolutionize the short video making space. 

This application is compatible with both android and iOS phones supporting cloud management and advanced backend configuration. The SMASHIT suite is designed in such a way that makes the users navigate easily through the number of fascinating features that imbibe creative filters, podcasts, and a music library full of the latest songs. 

The introduction of such a versatile application that even provides monetary profits is on its way to take the Indian market by surprise, where a recent ban was finalized on Chinese applications and products. SMASHIT LIVE will soon be introduced in the global market, offering its quirky features, making a name in the digital realm becoming a top-notch social media application.

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