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P Chidambaram Accuses BJP of Making India Vulnerable by ‘Sitting on’ NCTC, NATGRID

NEW DELHI – Attacking on BJP led govt for making India susceptible to terrorist attacks, senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram said that Narendra Modi govt put a full stop on the two important initiatives of the previous UPA government. He said that under the leadership of the previous Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, Congress government took necessary steps to curb terrorism. Highlighting the efforts of the UPA led government, Chidambaram said Congress initiated, anti-terror hub National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) and the National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID). Commenting on the Twitter handle, Chidambaram blamed NaMo government for not moving forward NCTC and NATGRID for these two initiatives were started by the UPA government.

Post the horrific terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008 which claimed 166 lives, the then Home Minister conceived the idea of setting up of a single, unified counter-terrorism agency, NCTC. But this initiative was not appreciated by the chief ministers of several states. Gujrat chief minister, Narendra Modi was amongst the CMs who opposed this move. The ministers alleged that NCTC would disrupt the functioning of state security agencies which could adversely affect the federal structure of the country. All the efforts of the central government failed to appeal to the chief ministers of states and hence the proposal went in vain.

The Cabinet received clearance of Rs. 3400 crores from Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) in the year 2011 but it could not get operationalized at that time. Once this project comes into action, then it will be possible to connect data providing organizations. The agencies in this project would be intelligence Bureau, revenue, customs, and police departments. Also, the data sources will be able to collect important information related to financial transactions, immigration details, and transactions details.

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