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Meet Puneet Sidhu, North India’s No. 1 Online Trainer

North India Daily staff recently sat down with Puneet Sidhu, who has been trending on Instagram for his incredible client transformations. He is one of those trainers whose entire business runs on the fantastic word of mouth of his clients.

He has transformed 100s of people in 2020 alone. He has a very busy schedule, but always finds time to help his clients 24×7.

He works with clients worldwide and not just India. He has clients from USA, UK, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, UAE and many more countries. This requires him to work round the clock because of the different time zones.

To learn more about Puneet Sidhu, you can follow him on Instagram @puneetbigguy

In the picture above, you can see Puneet Sidhu with George Farah who is a world-renowned coach, famous for training legends like Kai Greene.

Currently, Puneet operates from Mohali & Chandigarh. But COVID-19 has ushered an era of online fitness training, and Puneet has come on top of it. He believes that this trend of online training is going to continue even when Covid is over, and he hopes to transform more lives.


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