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New York Lawmaker Asks Google to Remove Conversion Therapy

Tech giant Google has been asked by a New York Lawmaker to remove gay conversion therapy from its Google play store. The law against Living Hope Ministries App was passed earlier this month. The bill was sponsored by the State Senator Brad Hoylman to ban such therapy in New York.

Living Hope Ministries App is a non-profit and non-denominational organization which promotes the message, “God’s truth as we journey with those who are seeking sexual and relational wholeness” on its official website.

“Google [is] planning to have about 7,000 employees in our Senate district, so I would urge them to remove the app post-haste,” he told The Verge in a statement. “I’m hopeful that they’ll see the harm that this kind of message sends to the kids and families.”

This therapy claims that individuals have the ability to change their sexual orientation. Many established medical organizations oppose this app and hence necessary actions were taken to ban it in New York. It is the fifteenth state in which conversion therapy app has been banned.

Google is not the first tech giant who has been asked to remove conversion therapy app from play store. Earlier, Apple and Microsoft had also removed this application from the respective app stores. Both Apple and Microsoft removed the app in December following a force from LGBT groups and others.

Living Hope Ministries App reportedly provides users with recordings of sermons and text devotionals. Also, there is a section for “help”, which contains stories telling gay and lesbian readers that their sexuality can be ignored or changed. About 50,000 petitions have been signed on till Wednesday regarding the removal of the app from Google play store.

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