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New Ways Indian Females Are Using to Make Honest Money Online

There are now many females in India who are working harder than ever before to make honest money online. The days of mostly men engaged in online activities to make money online are now over.

Unlike other females who might be engaged in weird things online like selling their feet pictures as explained in this website or this huge article, there are many now really working hard and making good money online and even offline.

With the Internet they don’t even spend a lot of money to get started. Many are even doing this as stay at home moms and working from the comfort of their homes.

If you want to join them, you can. There are many different such opportunities that you can try to see which will work best for you.

Below are just some of these opportunities:

Drop shipping

Drop shipping these days is very competitive. If you go to a website that offers to do this for you, then you’ll notice they tend to all have one thing in common – the prices for their products tend to be so high that you can see how you’ll make a profit.

The beauty is that it can be done from India or any part of the world that you want to operate from.

It is also done by many females around the world, including Indian females.

The key to drop shipping success is to actually find a source that isn’t trying to rip you off on the front end.

This is very hard to do, and unfortunately you’ll find that a lot of the more popular options out there have very little to no profit margins on their products.

Selling domain names

The hard part about this is that there are plenty of heavy players in the game who use software to scoop up as many unregistered domain names as they can. It’s going to be hard to compete with them.

We would argue that it’s better for you to focus on more obscure domain names that are location based. Base them on various services and actually try to put content on the site in order to dominate local search results for that area.

With an army of such sites bringing in leads and about $1.00 a day average you can make a nice living doing this even from India.

And at some point should any site you have in your arsenal really take off, then you can sell it for a nice profit.

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