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MageX is Developing Magento 2 Extensions for E-commerce Sites

MageX is offering merchants different Magento Hosting Solutions. The company is claiming to develop an e-commerce site within five minutes after following some simple steps. To make the businesses’ experience more convenient with Magento 2 enabled online stores, MageX is developing the extensions.

The company is offering expert assistance to make the online store pay off through the extensions. Magento 2 extensions or online store development is very necessary for merchants to sell their products online.

Magex.Pro has also developed a Magento 2 Product Reviews extension. It brings a better flexible solution for ratings and reviews in the stores. This extensions by MageX is also helping the online stores to get more feedback from customers, engage them and boost sales.

Magento 2 Product Reviews extension is also able to get more clicks from Google and other search engines and motivate shoppers to leave reviews right in the store. This is proving to be a great tool to motivate visitors with real user-generated reviews and help to choose the right product.

Currently, MageX is working on Magento Firewall extension. This extension would provide a unique solution for Magento 2 security. It is capable to block 90% of all types of attacks that the websites are experiencing in the present time.

MageX is also going to launch Magento Firewall extensions for Magento 2 enabled e-commerce sites. This extension will allow users to scan and monitor files for malicious code.

There are many other Magento 2 extensions that MageX is offering to online stores including Magento Order Status, Magento Customer Notes, Magento Order Notes, and Product Markers.

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