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Kayaking Culture is slowly coming to Indian Lakes & Seas

According to a survey by, it is noted that kayaking culture is becoming popular in the Indian lakes as well as seas. The major factor to boost kayaking in the Indian lakes and seas is the remarkable development of the tourism sector in this region. Apart from this, the increasing awareness of Indian people towards maintaining their fitness has also led to the increasing trend of kayaking in the Indian lakes and seas.

Our team interacted with around 300 people enjoying kayaking activities at various Indian lakes such as Pichola, Wular, Vembanad, Bhojtal, Pangong Tso, etc. On asking the reasons for the growing craze of people for kayaking activities in Indian lakes, it was found that the improvement in the tourism sector is the prominent factor which has led to the introduction of kayaking culture in the Indian lakes. The increase in the income of people and the low cost of available kayaks are the other popular reasons for the growing trend of kayaking among Indian people.

Different people give different reasons to take part in kayaking activity. One major reason which people stated in the survey is that kayaking helps them to have some new experiences and relieves them of mental stress. Apart from this, another group of people told that taking part in kayaking also helps them deal with many other mental health issues as well. It has become easier for everyone to look for the best tandem kayak online to enjoy water sports in various life situations. Due to the growing trend of kayaking, there is a big boost in the kayak manufacturing market over the last few years.

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