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Kansas City Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill loses son’s custody after abuse investigation

The Kansas City Chiefs‘ wide receiver, Tyreek Hill, who was convicted in Oklahoma State in 2015 for domestic assault and battery against his then-pregnant girlfriend, Crystals Espinal is currently entwined in another legal battle.

This time around, the star has been charged with abuse and battery against his young toddler for which the boy had been removed from both parent’s custody.

The boy was reportedly removed from their custody and placed in another home during the emergency hearing on April 5 at the Johnson County Courthouse due to the investigation which has been on for over a month on alleged battery towards the child.

The duo was firstly reported on March 5 to the Police Department in Overland Park for child neglect at home according to KCTV News 5. And recently, the police were called to investigate battery against a juvenile at the same Kansas home. Though Hill’s name was not listed with the police on the second report, but a source on the second report told the police the incident resulted in the boy breaking his arm and his mother, who is Hill’s girlfriend was listed as “others involved” in the case.

The NFL team in a public statement on the issue claimed to be aware of Tyreek Hill’s investigation. They are currently gathering information and also in contact with local authorities and the league.

The Kansas Department of Children and Families also claimed to be investigating and presently, Hill has not been charged with any crime.

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