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How Online Casinos Became so popular in India

The notable emergence of technology has introduced new ways of doing things in all human walks of life. The gambling industry is one that has been greatly impacted by technology, bringing innovation to the gaming culture in India. Indian players have become so conversant with playing online casino games that the casino market of India is positively acclaimed. 

Indians have always been crazy about gambling

Historically, India is inextricably linked with gambling, from tiny street gambling to intra-family & friends gambling, and lottery gambling. From times past to now, games are mostly played at several social functions, such as weddings, birthday parties, naming ceremonies, etc. 

In a bid to grab the fun of casino gaming, an overwhelming number of Indians travel to other states where casinos are legalized. For this reason, they travel from their states of residence to other areas like Sikkim, Goa, and Daman to play casino games.

The emergence of faster internet and cheaper phones

The increase in easy accessibility to the internet has contributed in no small measure to the widespread popularity of online casinos. Now, instead of going to traditional casinos, players access online casinos from their phones very quickly. With even more sophisticated internet-surfing technology like 4G and 5G, the internet would soon be as fast as the speed of light. Working hand-in-hand with fast internet is cheaper phones, mostly coming from countries like China, South Korea, Japan, India, etc.

In a 2019 study by Statista (published 2020), India emerged as the second-highest country with smartphone users in the world. Another survey reveals that India has 560 million internet users who access the internet, mostly from their smartphones. With these staggering statistics from India, it becomes utterly indisputable that online casinos will continually increase in the country.

Online casinos provide higher payouts and more games than land-based casinos do

Indian players have come to realize that playing at online casinos offers more winning potential than land-based ones. This is because land-based casinos spend so much in making the casino environment propitious and suitable for gambling. Conversely, at online casinos, some of the expenses for making the casino entertainment-friendly are forgone, as you play online. Instead, the money is offered to players as bonuses and payouts on winnings.

Also, online casinos offer a higher number of games than physical casinos do, because it’s easier to shuffle games on your gadget online. Ordinarily, playing at online casinos provide you with more convenience than what you get in physical casinos.

More information about online casinos became available

As soon as online casinos started to gain ground in India, online casino guides like, emerged. These sites provide valuable information for new players who wish to find casino sites, bonuses or learn the rules of a casino game. As a result, whatever information you seek about casinos are competently provided by these guides and readily available on their sites. In effect, players can gain so much substantive knowledge before they even start trying out their preferred casino games (demo or real money version).  

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