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Facebook files a Lawsuit Against Chinese Companies for Selling Fake Accounts

CALIFORNIA – The social medium platform Facebook has cracked down on four Chinese companies and some individuals for selling fake accounts. In its investigation, Facebook found that not only these China-based companies and individuals were selling fake accounts but also there is also evidence of offering the service of fake likes and followers for a price. In its attempt to teach such fraudulent entities a lesson, Facebook has filed a lawsuit against these companies in the US federal court.

Also, the Facebook spokesperson revealed that not only just Facebook and Instagram but there are many other social media platforms and networks which are on the target list of the Chinese Fraudulent companies. Some of the other social platforms and networks which are misused by these fraudulent activities are Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, Apple and Google. Also, it told that the defendants are electronics and hardware manufacturers, as well as software and online advertising service providers.

Facebook filed a lawsuit to send a strict message to perpetrators that their fraudulent activities will not be tolerated. Also, the company threw light on the usage of these accounts for spamming, phishing, advertising fraud, and other nefarious schemes. With the help of such activities, some of these illicit companies spread fake news, plan propagandas, and create an atmosphere of instability on the social media platform.

Also, the social media company, Facebook notified in its complaint that it has used artificial intelligence to disable 2.1 billion inauthentic profiles from January to September 2018. However, it said that fake accounts will continue to spread until the time a complete ban is not imposed on the entities creating such accounts. In its lawsuit, Facebook has asked the US federal court to prevent the defendants from creating and promoting the sale of inauthentic accounts, likes, and followers. Also, it has also appealed to take strict action against such inauthentic companies for infringing its trademarks on its websites and using Facebook-branded domains for their websites.

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