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Earthquake Early Warning App for Los Angeles Launched

People of Los Angeles can now get earthquakes warning signals via ShakeAlertLA app. The app is available to download for Android and iPhone platform. ShakeAlertsLA app would bring a lot of change in the lives of people as it would make it possible to notify about an earthquake 20 min before it hits. Definitely, the number of fatalities due to the severe earthquake would reduce significantly. The decision to launch the app has been taken after it was found that it gave a satisfactory result in the year 2018. In the last year, it could only be used by beta testers but now it is to be expanded to the entire system.

Only the earthquake with its value over 5.0 in the area of Los Angeles can be measured using this app. An intense notification will be sent via the app to warn people about the earthquake before it strikes. The app came into existence after the partnership of the city, the Annenberg, and AT&T. Earlier, it was decided to cover the entire region of the West Coast due to the elimination of the federal budget for sensor networks. But U.S Geological Survey has announced that the alert system would be expanded to the entire region once it is tested at the regional level. Apart from sending warning related to earthquake 20 sec before it actually happens, it also tells the necessary procedure to recover from it.

“Angelenos should have every chance to protect themselves and their families when there’s a major earthquake,” said Garcetti in a statement. “We created the ShakeAlertLA app because getting a few seconds’ heads-up can make a big difference if you need to pull to the side of the road, get out of an elevator, or drop, cover, and hold on.” Also, the Los Angeles Times reported that USGC is working in collaboration with Early Warning Labs to release a similar app, QuakeAlerts to cover the entire state.

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