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You Need To Check Your Behaviour To Teach Your Child The Correct Behaviour

Since coronavirus pandemic dawned on the world it brought many lifestyle, mental and societal changes. Mental health issues have been faced by adults as well as children. Adults have faced changes and are adapting to it but the children are clueless what these changes mean and how they should engulf their life around it.

Mental health issues in children have risen with children getting directly exposed to worrisome information that they seldom understand. Fear is the first emotion that gets inside them. Children can realise their schedules, adult and peer behaviour has changed alike. The times have brought significant disruption in a child’s routine. So it is time you should consult a reputed child psychologist to understand their behavior and emotions in today’s scenario.

The pandemic took away the daily routine of children where they went to school, had outdoor activity time with peers, engaged in extracurricular activities, celebrated festivals and events with extended family and friends. Nothing was gradual and instead too sudden for even the adults to gaze at the consequences and take actions.

Parents and caregivers thus have to take more responsibilities in their hands and study the child’s behaviour to be more sympathetic towards them and assess the stress the child is going through. Parents’ reaction to stress can influence the child as children look at the adults around them to learn how to respond and react to situations. The best thing parents can do to set the right tone of the house is having model resilient, solution-focused behaviors.

Eventually the child will develop their own way to deal with stress but during the developmental stage, the temperament of parents can affect a child’s response. A parent or a caregiver has to know the important signs and provide support to the child for their better growth.

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