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Toxic Smog Results into Closure of Hundreds of Schools in Bangkok

BANGKOK – Due to an intense smog situation in Thailand’s capital city, hundreds of schools are shut down to prevent children from the prevailing air pollution. Some of the factors which have contributed to the deteriorating air quality in Bangkok are dust, car exhaust, construction, burning of crops and emission from factories. Apart from these reasons, weather patterns have also contributed to swept the spring fog to Bangkok.

The Government is trying its level best to protect people from toxic air pollution. Not only temporary measures but also permanent solutions to the poor air quality are meditated to bring into execution. The present level of air pollution not just cause irritation in the eyes and throat but also it could have a long term effect on the proper functioning of the lungs. Hence, government officials have distributed around 10,000 face masks to residents to protect them from inhaling the toxic particles from the air. Also, they have advised people to always wear face masks every time they go outside. A total of 400 schools have been shut down to avoid the exposure of students to toxic air pollution.

In its attempt to deal with the prevailing problem of air pollution, the Thai government has been using a fleet of drones, trucks, and small planes spray water around Bangkok to settle the dust. Diesel exhaust is responsible for 50% of the particulate matter in the air. Hence, the administration has put restrictions on the entry of trucks to the city streets. Also, the planning to use cloud seeding to induce rain due to precipitation in the clouds is also on the list of measures to be taken to further improve the air quality.

The officials said that if considerable measures are not taken then it would not be possible to improve the air quality for the next 3-4 months. However, apart from such temporary measures, long terms solutions such as the use of electric vehicles and better quality gasoline would play a significant role in helping to deal with the toxic air pollution.

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