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Todd Stephenson’s Incredible Rise As A Top E-commerce Entrepreneur Is A Result Of His Time Management, Determination And Open-mindedness

PupSocks’ co-founder is a businessman who has targeted on being top of his game, throughout his life.

Todd Stephenson is the co-founder of custom made socks company, PupSocks, based in the city of Atlanta. From the customer’s uploaded pictures of their pet animals, PupSocks creates customized socks for the animals. The company was established in 2017, July and a lot of its success goes to the hard work and ambition of Todd Stephenson. Originally from Naples, Todd graduated in Marketing in the year of 2016 from the University of Central Florida and has been an entrepreneur way before that. Todd was driven by his desire to be independent from a young age; he believed in earning enough for himself in order to not do a daily eight hour job.

Todd used to repair mobile and computer devices before launching a backpack company named KIDDS. Even during his college year, Todd had co-founded Z Baked – a chain of bakeries around the Florida area. With constant market awareness and the spirit of innovation, Stephenson has boosted PupSocks in the big league and it is now considered as one of the largest customized sock companies. Todd believes in being open-minded, working smart and not be bogged down by the external or internal factors to achieve the goal. Todd Stephenson lays out some points to be kept in mind for present and future entrepreneurs:-

Time Management: To achieve success as an entrepreneur, a person should be efficient in time management. Todd believes that one must be disciplined in their work and should balance personal and professional life properly. Stephenson suggests that time is a crucial element for an entrepreneur and the one who can carry out his activities as per the schedule can relax his mind to create fresh concepts and ideas. As a young up and comer, one can work for more than 18 hours a day but after family responsibilities come into the equation, a person must also give an adequate amount of family time.

Motivation and Creation:  Stephenson is of the opinion that the creation of ideas and the motivation for it do so go hand in hand. Todd used to create and build theories, business concepts and fresh ideas which might create a huge impact in business. He was motivated by proving people wrong.

Being Successful: Todd defines success as happiness. If an individual is happy in his/her own life then in Todd’s eye, that person is called successful. Stephenson does not believe in just monetary success. There is just one formula, as per Todd Stephenson, to become a successful entrepreneur that is to have an open mind and to never give up.

Romy Johnson serves as the founder, owner and CEO of Cool Gurus, Fames Media, British India Academy and Xaare, and lives in Canada. He is a noted Indian Educationist, Entrepreneur and Businessman. Todd Stephenson (the famous e-commerce giant from America) got featured on Forbes, interviewed by Romy. Facebook and Instagram – @RomyJohnsonOfficial.

Todd Stephenson has cultivated a generation of customers for PupSocks and his determination to be at the top of his game has made him a top e-commerce entrepreneur.

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