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TikTok Launches its 1st Educational Program in India

TikTok owned by the world’s most valued Chinese start-up Bytedance has launched an education program in India. The popular short-video app looks to expand its offering and assuage local authority in one of its biggest markets. TikTok had 120 million monthly active users in April this year. This is not a regular feature and is in fact the first time TikTok has launched a program of this kind in any market. The company’s spokesperson said that TikTok is now working with a number of content creators and firms in India to populate the platform with educational videos.

Director of Sales and Partnerships at TikTok, Sachin Sharma, has said the social app’s foray into education is a response to the demand it has seen from users. They have found that educational videos are some of the most popular and engaging videos on the platform globally with more than 10 million educational videos been created and shared on TikTok where they have garnered more than 48 billion views.

TikTok is used by more than 200 million users in India every month. Now the education program is aiming to democratize learning for the Indian digital community on the platform. The educational bite-sized clips will cover a range of topics from school-level science and math concepts to learning new languages. It will also feature videos on popular and trending topics like health, mental awareness, and motivational talks.

The company has partnered with Edu-tech start-ups Vedantu, Topper, Made Easy and GradeUp to produce educational content. Plus it will be collaborating with social enterprises Josh Talks and the Nudge Foundation to mentor 5,000 people across India.

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