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The story of entrepreneur and blogger Mosharrof Hossain

Mosharrof Hossain studied hard in his student life, could not afford luxury due to lack of money, and had difficulty in buying books due to lack of money.  He was not personally interested in luxury.  And now luxury is not leaving behind.  Like the life story of young Mosharrof Hossain.  He is a young man who does not give up. 

After graduation, Mosharrof Hossain started his career in Qatar to escape poverty. He went to Qatar in October 2016. In his first year, he worked hard, woke up at five o’clock in the morning to go to work and returned home at seven o’clock in the evening.  Long work 14 hours construction.  Thus one year passed.  He made plans and roadmaps for his own improvement.

After that I decided to become an entrepreneur. Started a room rental business.This is a great idea for expatriate accommodation.  He first rented a flat from a Qatari owner, then rented a house, and now has 10 houses after initial success.  About 1,000 people live in Mosharrof Hossain, All his houses are located in the capital Doha. His staff is giving good service to the people.  His work has created employment for many people to serve.

More than 200 people who followed Mosharrof Hossain’s idea have been very successful. His idea has now become a professional business, his initiative has been welcomed by all and everyone has been successful and the prosperity of life has returned. Mosharrof Hossain received the award for successful entrepreneur, received the “Bangladeshi Young Entrepreneur Award 2020” from the Ambassador of Bangladesh in Qatar.  Moreover, he has received awards from various communities in his home country.  The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar.

He is a good blogger.  He writes on various blogs on human rights, women and children, blood donation motivation and Islamic motivation. Mosharrof Hossain’s writings have been published in various online news and print media in Bangladesh.  Received awards at the district level for good writing.

He is currently creating a blog in his own name.  He was born on 20 March 1997 in Bodhal village of Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh. Nickname (Khaled Mosharrof) Ever since he was learning to make decisions, he has been interested in establishing himself.  He is taking himself forward to the place of dreams through wisdom.  The dream seems to be calling him by hand.

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