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The Boxing Podcast interview with Derek Candelore on Wilder v. Fury III postponement and what it means

The trilogy grudge match between heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury and former heavyweight champion and previously undefeated Deontay Wilder scheduled for July 24th has been moved to Oct. 9 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Top Rank announced.

The fight will be available on ESPN+ and Fox pay-per-view for the WBC heavyweight championship.

The fight was postponed due to Fury testing positive for COVID-19.

We caught up with Pittsburgh Boxing Pundit Derek Candelore who had fantastic predictions on the first two clashes between these big men…

“Apparently Tyson tested positive on Monday July 5th, but negative July 6th and had no symptoms. He’s already received a round of what they’re touting as a vaccination for covid, so that’s interesting.” Candelore said.

“But nonetheless, it gives Wilder more time to get work with his new head trainer, Malik Scott, maybe more time to get a little more confident.. But Tyson, as goofy as he likes to be became Wilders boogeyman in that last fight. I have Tyson winning 17 of 19 rounds between these two so far…”

Candelore continued.. He never backed up in the second fight before then trainer Mark Breeland threw in the towel in the 7th round.

It possible this one goes the distance, maybe there’s a ring rust flash Knockdown by Wilder again being that neither man has fought since they fought eachother in February of 19′. But ultimately I see Tyson Fury putting this Trilogy to bed once and for all, then fighting Anthony Joshua and retiring…

Candelore ended by saying “Initially I thought Wilder was taking the fight for the money, their last fight was the most watched since Tyson vs. Holyfield II, this one will probably surpass those numbers… so it’ll certainly be a sweet payday for both guys but I think Tyson has all the confidence to go and mow Wilder down again by crowding him and stepping in and landing while Wilder is loading up… The only hope Wilder has is knock him out this time, where Fury doesn’t get up and I’m not sure I see that happening… But never doubt a punchers chance.”

Special thanks to Derek Candelore of for taking his time to speak with us on the Trilogy.

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