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Taiwan’s Hosiery Industry is Providing Functional Fabric and Waterproof Socks Using Innovative Technology

Taiwan’s hosiery industry has been witnessing a boost in its reputation due to the introduction of innovative and high-quality technology. This has been making it easier for Taiwan’s hosiery industry to increase its reputation with international hosiery brands, despite facing strong market challenges. A wide range of items including cotton socks to highly technical medical socks, outdoor sports socks, and stockings have been produced in this industry.

In addition to this, the research and development of nightwear, sports training pressure pants, and other functional application wear, has also been going in this sector. Shetou, a hosiery village in Changhua, Central Taiwan has been transporting 90% of all its socks in the international markets. With the passage of time, the number of Shetou hosiery factories has increased significantly and the counting has reached 200, which has made it possible for it to gain the title of Taiwan’s “Hosiery Kingdom.”

Over the last few years, sock manufacturers have started making an investment in the development of different outdoor sports products such as waterproof and outdoor sports socks. The increasing inclination of people towards outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and river rafting has been making it possible for them to make available waterproof, antibacterial, and deodorizing socks.

By making use of the combination of functionality and aesthetics, it has become possible for Taiwan’s hosiery industry to make available the exclusively designed hosiery products with the application of the latest technology. The latest international trends and fashion styles are followed by Taiwan’s hosiery industry to provide reliable products for customers.

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