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Taiwanese Manufacturers are Attracting International Buyers Towards their Hosiery Market

A lot of international buyers have been preferring the hosiery products manufactured by the hosiery market in Shetou, a hosiery village in Changhua, Central Taiwan. The Taiwanese manufacturers have been investing in the R&D and technology sector to effectively run around 200 hosiery factories. By producing a variety of excellently designed and styles hosiery items, the Taiwanese hosiery manufacturers have managed to supply their products to the popular international brands in different corners of the world.

It has been observed that the leading hosiery manufacturer, MIT, (Made in Taiwan), has been producing a variety of hosiery items for international designer brands such as Chanel and Victoria’s Secret. With the utilization of electronic knitting machines and the latest technological innovation, the hosiery factories in Taiwan have made their name at a global level for their fashionable and comfortable hosiery products.

Taiwanese manufacturers have announced their integration with Asian specific totems, such as Ukiyo-e, the Alishan Small Train, Sun Moon Lake, the Taiwan black bear, and other prints. And all these have been bought by international buyers on a large scale. The usage of S. Cafe Yarns for knitting provides the desired comfort and breathability while wearing the fashionable Taiwanese hosiery. By combining coffee grounds with the yarn surface, it reduces the drying times by 200% and solves the problem of foot odor and UV radiation protection.

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