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Single Vineyard Winemaker in California Shares Storage Tips for Wine Collectors

California – Allegretto Wines is the single vineyard winemaker in Paso Robles, California. It has released a report on storage tips for wine collectors that includes storage space, storage methods, and perfect storing and serving temperature. These creative ideas have come from an experienced person of Allegretto.

Quin Cody is the director of hospitality in Allegretto. He said that if someone wants to learn about the best storage method of wine, then he/she has to go through the conversation topic of their testing room. The tips in the report are helpful to answer all the question about wine storage. 

Storage space for wine bottles depend upon the number of bottles that are to be stored at one time. If you don’t have a suitable area, then you can look for wine coolers which are available with different features in the market. For storing a whole stock of wine bottles, a single room, or a wine room in the garage are the perfect choices. The report states that according to the universal size of a wine bottle, 50 square feet area is enough to store 500 bottles.

The second tip, which was the part of the conversation in the testing room was about temperature and humidity. The ideal storage temperature for wines is 60-degrees Fahrenheit, and the serving temperature varies according to their types. The wine coolers are the best to store wines for serving purposes. 

The last tip about which report tells is the protection of wine from UV rays. Sun rays are the sources of ultraviolet rays and these rays can change the color and flavor of the wine. So to keep wine natural and tasty, its exposure to Sunlight must be avoided.

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