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Sharif Gets Prison Term as his 69th Birthday Gift

ISLAMABAD – Nawaz Sharif faced a tough decision of the anti-corruption court in Pakistan in the case of corruption charges against him. The former Pakistan Prime minister had got inflicted in a case of Al-Azizia Steel Mills graft case. However, he got relief in the case of Flagship investments by the accountability court in Islamabad. A prison term of seven years was given to Sharif after which the former Pakistan PM was shifted to Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi. In this jail, doctors carried out his medical check-up in which he was found physically fit.

However, the next day i.e., on Tuesday which falls on his birthday, he was taken to Nur Khan Air Base amid tight security from where he was made to land in Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore. Not only the tight security is ensured but also the rangers are deployed at the police checkpoints en route to the prison.

The supporters of Sharif had expressed their anger after the court’s decision and called this decision a politically motivated plotting to defame Nawaz Sharif. They told the reporters that they would appeal for Sharif’s acquittal in the higher court. The former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi who joined the office after Sharif last year told, “Appeal is our right, we will protest but will remain peaceful”.

Sharif denied his involvement in any sort of corruption and declared all these incident a strategy of courts and the Army together. He blamed the two forces for destroying his political career and destabilizing his political party, Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz. However, neglecting all these allegations from Nawaz Sharif’s side, the military has ruled out its influence on the courts.

What would be the outcome of the appeal of Sharif supporters in the higher court? The supporters of Sharif are full of anger and also clashed with the police force outside the court after this landmark judgment.

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