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Postoplan is Successfully Handling Social Network Accounts and Messaging Apps of Businesses

After taking the time of nine months in development, Postoplan is now successfully handling social network accounts and messaging apps of businesses. Postoplan is a system that is created by Postoplan Ou in Estonia.

It is proving to be the perfect tool for handling posts and message publication of startups and corporates. The system was first launched in Estonia because this place is best for launching among startups.

According to the developers, Postoplan has been created after their bad experience with one of the social media management service providers. The developers had decided to do it better and spent almost nine months to make this unique product. The basic version of the Postoplan is being used by the brands free of cost and the users can choose how many social network account and messaging apps they can keep without paying too much.

This system allows users to receive a status notification on each scheduled post and message. This feature is allowing them to stay updated on whether the posts are published or not. Postoplan is proving to be like a social media marketing tool that is working on messaging apps and social media sites. Users can go through prepared examples of scheduled posts and news every day.

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