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Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Bajwa Shows his Support for PM’s Peace Initiatives

Karachi: Pakistan’s Army Chief has supported the peace initiatives of the Prime Minister, Imran Khan. In order to convey a message to India, he clarified that Pakistan is very serious about improving its relations with India. He cited that negotiation is the only way which can help both countries to work peacefully for the betterment of their people. Bajwa backed Imran Khan’s peace initiatives while addressing the passing out parade of Midshipmen and Short Service Course at Naval Academy in Karachi on Saturday.

In a clear message to India, Bajwa endorsed Imran Khan’s efforts to initiate peace talks with India. According to him, the existing roots of poverty, illiteracy, and terrorism in both countries can only be eliminated if both nations work in collaboration with each other. Bajwa said, “Our government has extended a hand of peace and friendship towards India with utmost sincerity but it should not be taken as our weakness.”

He further added, “Wars bring death, destruction, and misery for the people. Ultimately all issues are resolved on the table through negotiations that is why we are trying very hard to help bring lasting peace in Afghanistan by supporting Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace plan.” Also, he said, “Like the terrorists before, the protagonists of the new threats are at times, our own people. Mostly misguided by ambitions, blinded by hate, ethnicity or religion or simply overawed by social media onslaught, some of our own boys and girls readily fall victim to such dangerous or hostile narratives.”

Due to the unsuccessful efforts of Pakistan to punish the terrorists who attacked India on various occasions in the past, the latter had refused to hold any talks with Pakistan. However, in the recent past, the opening of Kartarpur corridor for Sikh pilgrims has given a good chance to both the countries to deepen their relations with each other. What will be the effect of the opening of Kartarpur Corridor on the relations of both the countries? Only time will tell. But Bajwa’s indirect comments on India’s ideology is not expected to make much change in India’s attitude towards Pakistan unless the latter learn lessons from its past mistakes.

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