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Multi-Skilled Entrepreneur, Aamir Tohid is Nurturing Various Tech Startups with his Strong Network

Aamir Tohid, a multi-skilled entrepreneur has been doing a wonderful job by nurturing various tech startups with the help of his strong connections in Silicon Valley. By doing smart work, Aamir Tohid has made a wonderful contribution in the areas of sports, esports, fashion, and gaming. It was his aim to do creative work that pushed him to do something innovative and different in his career.

The entrepreneur started his ambitious dream project “PlayersHub” in order to connect the scattered esports community on a single social marketplace platform. Hence, he refused to dive into the 9-5 corporate work-life and instead chose to pursue his passion to fulfill his interest in the tech industry. Aamir Tohid loves to travel in different corners of the world and he has traveled many different parts of Europe, the USA over the last few years.

And with his impressive contribution to the tech industry, he has got many valuable connections in the tech industry in San Franciso, a place known as the hub of entrepreneurs. Through his project “PlayersHub”, he brings together casual gamer, streamer, professional player, tournament organizers, and brands to help them sponsor in the gaming world through one platform.

According to Aamir Tohid, he is really doing what he aspired for and enjoying his work by creating broader content for his target audience in different categories instead of focusing on a single category. And he also considers it to be the reason to create valuable products.

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