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Meet Avinash Chavan, a Social Media Influencer who Loves to Post Interesting Travel and Lifestyle Content

Avinash Chavan, an emerging social media influencer, is making news for posting interesting content related to lifestyle and travel. He is establishing himself as a brand on social media and his presence in the digital space is booming at an excellent state. Avinash Chavan loves to travel across the world and he posts attractive photos on his social media handles.

Born in a middle-class Marathi family, Avinash Chavan completed his graduation from Pune University in 2014. And just like many other youngsters, he dived into the working world and started doing 9 to 5 job. Although his parents were more than happy with his work life, Avinash himself used to feel frustrated due to his monotonous working routine.

One day, he was traveling with his family to Udaipur and he clicked a lot of exciting photos. This wonderful experience gave him immense happiness and he decided to switch to the social media world. Keeping his dreams in his eyes, Avinash started posting amazing content on his social media platforms and he started receiving a great response to his work.

Now, his growth on social media is rising continuously and he is positing attractive photos by traveling in different corners of the world. Avinash Chavan doesn’t post any filtered photos of himself and he loves to present himself in a simple manner with his originality.

He wants to build a strong brand of himself and hence he doesn’t choose to promote any brand in the digital space. Soon, he is planning to start a youtube channel to expand his reach to different corners of the world. And he believes to become one of the successful entrepreneurs of Europe.


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