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Keel Associates is Receiving Negative Reviews From Consumers

Keel Associates is a debt consolidation company and it is facing a tough time due to its unfair operations. There are many scams coming forward against Keel Associates which are compelling consumers to draw negative reviews against it. This company is operating in the US as a debt consolidation loan provider and it is controlled by the MHA Nation of North Dakota. There are many identified consumer complaints regarding direct mail offers to consumers with a low credit score. Keel Associates has been ditched by many consumers after they are becoming aware of its involvement in a number of scams.

Based on public records, Better Business Bureau and complaints, there are many platforms that are issuing a consumer warning against Keel Associates that it is luring consumers with a low-interest debt consolidation loan offer. A large number of Americans are failing to consolidate their debts by themselves and making the financial burden worse. Financial companies like Keel Associates are taking benefit of their circumstances after claiming to cover all their debts such as credit card, medical bill, educational fees, and even a personal loan.

Keel Associates Scam is allegedly increasing in large number. It is being unfair with consumers while offering low rate debt consolidation loan. The consumers are compelled by Keel Associates to pay monthly installment at a high rate after getting the loan approval. Failing to pay installments is leading consumers to reduce their credit score and pursuing the path of bankruptcy. More and more people are now finding it better to find a perfect debts settlement provider rather than believing in Keel Associates.

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