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How Lewis Morozov Is Running One Of Russia’s Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies

You have no idea what you’re missing if you haven’t heard of Lewis Morozov. Morozov’s social media agency is likely his most well-known feature right now. Morozov founded Morozov Media and quickly became a social media favorite after co-founding his fitness brand in 2018. He began partnering with large influencers who are huge on platforms like YouTube, surpassing 50 Million followers in total. Morozov Media works with some of social media’s most popular figures.

But that isn’t why we believe you should be aware of Lewis Morozov. Yes, his tale of becoming viral is impressive, but it’s far from unique. It’s not uncommon for a young man with the correct mindset and attitude to become viral in this day of instant celebrity. What is unusual, though, is for that young man to stay at the top once he has risen to the top. 

“I attribute a lot of my success to goal setting and being creative. I love to set goals on a physical calendar, to wake up every day and take a look at where I want to be. Most of the time it’s like a competition with myself. It keeps me motivated and on track to be who I want to be.” Morozov Media, Lewis Morozov’s own social media marketing firm, was also influenced by his creativity. “The biggest challenges when starting a business has to be with consistency and persistence. Moving from one business to another without giving every single business a proper attempt is not going to work. If I look back at my own journey and what I do today, I see the success I’ve achieved has a lot to do with my persistence.”, adds Lewis Morozov.

Lewis Morozov appears to have achieved his agency success with a mindset of growth and support, which we believe speaks a lot to all those aspiring influencers and entrepreneurs out there! Learn more about Lewis Morozov and follow his links below:

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