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Good Quality Of TikTok Videos Bring More Engagement

The world’s most popular and downloaded app TikTok available for Android and iPhone is mainly for creating music videos. The songs are sung in playback style. People, especially teenagers, are using the app to become famous. 

Good quality TikTok videos get better engagement. The videos are shared and liked more. With more such engagement, the list of followers increases. People tend to buy these followers from sources like lets viral to increase the video’s engagement and popularity as a good engagement ratio makes one popular on TikTok. You can even buy tiktok followers with money back guarantee

When you record video using a pre-installed camera app and compare it to the TikTok video you will spot a difference in quality especially when it comes to a small mobile phone screen. Currently there is no version of TikTok that has the option to adjust the video quality settings. It would be great if the video quality can be adjusted and improved in some way. 

The bad quality you are experiencing is due to video compression the app does to upload the video. It happens automatically before a video is uploaded. All the social media apps from TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, to even YouTube compresses and scales the video resolution before a video gets uploaded on the app. 

It is not an option that can be deactivated in the settings. Compression is bound to happen. The quality of the video is even poorer if it is recorded using the TikTok camera. All the reasons for video quality being poor boil down to same- compression of the videos from high quality to the quality that fits an app. Currently there is no solution available. 

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