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Brownstone Law Firm is Maximizing the Chances of Success for Clients

Across the state of Georgia, Brownstone’s appellate law firm works with clients to handle complex civil and criminal appeals. They handle all types of appeals and make sure the results are delivered working with commitment.

Brownstone Law prides itself on being a firm that works in highly creative atmosphere and is extremely reachable for the clients and delivers what promised. They offer free consultation on phone before they take up a case. Their number is available on their site. One needs to act fast in appeal cases as there are decisions to be overturned. The clients should thus act at earliest and reach out to the appeals lawyer Georgia.

They handle all the cases of clients who are facing the appellate process in Georgia state courts, that includes the Georgia Supreme Court and Georgia Courts of Appeal.

The firm is licensed to appear in the Georgia Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.

Their lawyers handle federal appeals in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and work on criminal and civil appeals in federal courts. Plus they have appellate attorneys in Atlanta Georgia to assist with federal appeals. They specifically provide representation for clients who need their conviction or sentence overturned.

They work with a goal that all their clients get all legal options in Atlanta, Savannah, and Augusta. They can handle the civil appeals, including ERISA, SEC, business torts, multi-state litigation, energy, oil and gas, insurance defense, and environmental cases with the same elan as the criminal appeals.

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