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Amazing Things About Oocyte Cryopreservation for Women in California

Many American women have decided to freeze their eggs because of the power to have children when the timing is right and not when their biological clock dictates. Egg freezing, therefore, refers to extracting, freezing, and storing eggs to preserve women’s reproductive potential. OC Fertility® egg freezing in Newport Beach enables women to protect their fertility, empowering them and reducing their anxiety.

Freeze your eggs here today and improve your chances of conceiving later while eliminating the biological clock pressure.

Reasons for oocyte preservation

Most women freeze their eggs due to various reasons such as:

  •       Undergoing cancer chemotherapy and pelvic radiation therapy that may affect your fertility.
  •       Invasive surgeries that can cause damage to your ovaries.
  •       Risk of premature ovarian failure due to family history of early menopause and chromosomal abnormalities.
  •       Ovarian disease.
  •       Genetic mutations that require ovary removal.
  •       Delay of childbearing due to social and personal reasons.

Benefits of egg preservation

Various women preserve their fertility because of the following significant advantages:

It allows you to focus on your life goals at an early age without feeling the worry of the biological clock, therefore, taking away your anxiety and empowering you on your future fertility.

Helps you to preserve egg quality before they are destroyed by abnormal mutations, chemotherapy, and disease such as Turner’s syndrome.

It enables you to pause your biological clock without the pressure of rushing into relationships and taking in more than you can handle just because you are getting old.

Help protect the egg’s viability from conditions such as endometriosis that women often face in their fertility life.

Egg freezing process

Your OC Fertility® specialist assesses ovarian reserves to evaluate the potential yield of oocytes before the ovarian cycle. The assessment also includes blood tests and pelvic ultrasounds to help determine medication dose. Ovarian stimulation is then carried out by injectable hormonal medications and aspirating oocyte and surrounding ovarian follicles through the vagina while under sedation.

Assessment of egg maturity under a microscope and the mature eggs are vitrificated under ultra-rapid cooling into liquid nitrogen for storage.

Egg retrieval

When ready for pregnancy, the frozen eggs are thawed by placing them in a warming solution and then assessed for fertilization of the eggs that survived freezing by intracytoplasmic sperm injection from your donor or partner. A single sperm is injected, fertilizes the egg directly,  grows an embryo in culture before being transferred into the uterus for pregnancy after 3-5 days of fertilization.

Therefore, the significant factors in determining the probability of live birth are your age at the time of freezing and the number of viable eggs.

The risks associated with this procedure are similar to those of ovarian stimulation for IVF, including ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, infection, and bleeding related to the egg retrieval procedure.

Talk to your endocrinologist today

Many women reserve their eggs due to various reasons. Book an appointment with a specialized team of endocrinologists at OC Fertility® in Newport Beach, California and get that pressure of the biological clock off your shoulder and be anxious-free. Dr. Sharon and Nidhee will provide you with an egg freezing program to give you a chance to test your ovarian reserves and use those results for a comprehensive discussion to determine if egg freezing is fit for you.

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