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12 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers (2022 Guide)

Everyone wants to have a lot of followers on Instagram because, let’s be fair, numbers matter. Having a lot of followers creates a good first impression on those who visit your page for the very first time ‒ basically, this number represents your digital value and authority.

The first and the easiest way to reach bigger numbers on your account is to buy Instagram followers. This kind of promotion is not for everyone, and there’s always a risk that a cheap service might provide you with bots instead of real people. We on Soc-Promotion aim to get your Insta account only real followers, and the best way to do it is to combine our promotion services with other Instagram growth techniques.

The secret of Insta growth: more followers

The first number every user finds when they visit your Instagram account is the number of people following you. As we’ve already mentioned, this is a matter of the first impression.

To get better results, we advise you to buy followers in appropriate amounts combined with a good promotion strategy.

So, how you can get more followers aside from buying them?

  1. Create relevant content. Every type of content eventually finds its audience, and yours might be just as big! Even if you think that things you post on your account are just too niche or local, chances are high that at least a few thousands of people might want to follow you exactly for that content.

  2. Get a better visual. When your profile grid looks cool, it always shows. You can use the same filter or preset for all your photos and create a stylish grid that represents your unique style. Don’t be shy to experiment ‒ you’ll be there eventually!

  3. Invest in targeted advertisements. When you target some of your posts or stories for your desired audience, you get high chances that your content will be shown to people who really find it relevant.

But there’s something more to that. The Instagram algorithm uses different metrics to show your content to more people. One of these metrics is engagement.

Engagement also matters

Whenever anyone interacts with your Instagram page, the algorithm sees it and recognizes your content as something worth showing to more people. Think of it as the domino effect: the more people like and comment on your posts, even the more people see them, and so on, and so on.

That doesn’t mean you should stick to getting likes and comments exclusively. Engagement goes both ways: interact with other people whose audience might be shared with you! Comment on their posts, and invite people to visit your page (but don’t be too persistent with this).

Another way to get more followers through engagement is to add interaction opportunities to your content. Add interactive stickers to your stories, use appropriate hashtags, ask questions, do quizzes, and allow people to get more invested in you in general.

Speaking of investments, you can try your luck asking bigger and topic-related accounts for promo for promo. As an alternative, you can collaborate with other influencers or try paid partnerships with them.

Also, you can buy likes and views for your content ‒ we deliver them in a safe way to make sure the algorithm won’t find this kind of promotion suspicious.

Starting a giveaway is another great option if you have some exclusive products or services to offer. Announce it with some basic rules, get to know the random number generator, and ask other users to share your giveaway content.

Buy Insta followers safely with Soc-Promotion

Buying Instagram followers is quite easy when you work with Soc-Promotion. We make sure your account remains safe ‒ this is why when you order a lot of new followers from us, we take some time to deliver your order ‒ there is a daily limit of new followers set by Instagram that prevents bot activity, and we play by the rules to keep you safe.

You easily order 100, 1000, or even 10000 more new followers for your Instagram account with us ‒ just choose your preferred package, enter the username of the account you want to promote and submit the payment. Our prices are balanced between affordable and reasonable so you get the best quality of services at lower costs.


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