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1 Dead and 8 Hospitalized after Salmonella Outbreak due to Ground Beef

There has been a salmonella outbreak in various states across the countries. It resulted in one death in California, and 8 are now in hospital under treatment. The issue is worrisome for officials who encounter around 2 million illnesses each year. And there are 450 deaths due to Salmonella in the U.S. each year, according to the federal agency.

Salmonella is a bacterial disease, and it isn’t a severe one. But in extreme cases it can prove to be fatal. The symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever. It usually lasts four to seven days. But most people usually recover from salmonella without¬† any treatment. Which is a great news.

The disease is now rampant in six states.

Reportedly Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Texas and Colorado. And in Colorado at least three cases have been reported. That is what the reports said. It also said that the bacterial disease was due to the ground beef. The authorities aren’t sure whether it is a single producer or not. But evidences and statements of affected seem to say that there are various producers responsible for the beef.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took samples from the diseased homes and studied them. They also reached a conclusion that the individuals have consumed ground beef in different locations, from different brands. It is impossible to pin point the origin of the bacterial disease and pin it all on a single producer.

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