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You Can Now Contribute to Zen and Spirituality by Sending Pop-Up Buddha Cards

The Japanese company Kudoku is presenting the pop-up Buddha card that can double up as an excellent source for art and meditation. This card of the Buddha is aimed at sending joy, pleasure, and peace.

This pop-up card depicts the Tathagata form of Buddha statue, which allows people to perceive the truth and logic without being lost in details.

It has been the Japanese tradition and culture to express gratitude in the form of letters. Through this Buddha card, Kudoku plans to take this idea of Japanese culture to the rest of the world too. You can support this card for funding on Kickstarter.

Here are some features of this card which make it a unique piece for gifting:

  • The Buddha image is reproduced authentically and completely.
  • This piece was made with the combination of paper cutouts and pop-ups.
  • The materials were picked with an eye toward enhancing their radiance in the light.
  • This card can be used as a message medium, a decorative display, or even as a gift.

The Buddha card’s pop-up card images and word artwork provide individuals a sense of spiritual power. If you or your loved ones are a yoga practitioner or a Buddhist, this is definitely a must have piece or something to gift.

The joy-themed pop-up card depicts the Buddha statue, which aims to bring happiness and peace. The card’s design has been carefully considered to accurately depict the Buddha figure in an image, down to the tiniest detail.

The Family Crest on the front of the pop-up card symbolizes the “Seven Treasures,” which are Gold, Silver, Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Agate, Coral, and Pearls. It is thought in Buddhism that people who have these seven riches will be protected from calamities.

But creating this high level card is a bit complex. That is the reason the company, Kudoku, is requesting people for funding through Kickstarter. You can support their idea on that platform and help them spread the art of joy and peace to the entire world.

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