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Why You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

Maintaining healthy oral hygiene is a lifelong commitment. Just like any other part of the body, your tooth may get damaged. If you need to correct tooth damage for a cosmetic or restorative reason, the Woodlands dental crowns are a team of professionals to help you with all your dental issues. Please book an appointment with them and get personalized treatment for all your teeth issues.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A crown is a tooth cap shaped to look like a natural tooth and placed over a damaged tooth. It is placed in such a way where the tooth is covered from the gum lineup. The primary purpose of a crown is to strengthen and restore the appearance of a tooth.

When Do You Know You Need a Crown?

The experienced team at Scott Young may recommend a crown for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. If you have a weak tooth, a crown will be needed to hold together the cracked tooth parts or protect them from breaking.
  2. In case you have a damaged tooth and have been completely worn out, a crown will restore the tooth’s appearance.
  3. If you have lost your tooth and done a large filling, a crown would cover and support it.
  4. In case you need a crown for a cosmetic modification.
  5. In case you have a discolored or sharpened tooth.

What Are the Different Types of a Crown?

Crowns are made from different materials. Examples of such materials include:

Metals– Crowns made with metals have a high content of gold, platinum, and base-metal alloys. The crowns can bite, chew well, and last long in terms of wearing down. Some of the disadvantages of the metal crowns are the costs and color.

Stainless steel– Crowns made of stainless steel are used mostly as a temporary measure. The crown protects the tooth until a permanent crown will be made later using a different material.

All-ceramic crowns– These are the crowns used in the Scott and Young clinic. Crowns made from ceramic are of the highest quality and offer superior aesthetics as they appear to be natural teeth. The ceramic crown appears like the translucency of natural enamel and can be made to match your natural teeth, making it difficult to be noticed.

What Are the Expectations When Getting a Dental Crown?

The team from the clinic will book you for two appointments. They will conduct a comprehensive exam on the first appointment taking X-rays of your tooth that need crowning. The X-ray helps in establishing the condition of the tooth that requires a crown. On the next visit, they will administer anesthesia to help them file down the original teeth, this allows them to attach the crown securely and safely. A sample of your teeth is then sent to the lab to customize your crown.

To sum up all the above, your dental health is essential in your overall well-being. If you need a crown or have other dental needs, kindly book an appointment or contact the clinic for customized services.

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